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Why Team Health Check?

The power of the Team Health Check is that it gives the team the ability to see, at a glance, what’s working and what’s not. With immediate clarity, it provides understanding about what the team thinks, feels and says about itself. That means the team itself can set its agenda for focus and change – and own it.

The THC Story

Alyse Ashton and Richard Spence are experienced and accredited team coaches and facilitators who’ve worked extensively with global organisations over 25 years. They saw that struggling teams represent a huge cost, creating a negative ripple effect that often results in conflict, failure to achieve goals and the loss of talented employees. Conversely, the impact of high performing teams is positive for customers, colleagues and the whole business.

They began work on the Team Health Check in 2011 to provide a practical, effective tool to transform team performance for success. Their intention was to offer a straightforward, free way for leaders to improve their understanding of a specific team’s performance plus a full, in-depth team report that could catalyse increased cohesion, energy and drive.

Tried and tested – again and again

Creating the THC was a labour of love. Initially based on meta-research, academic expert and experience-based insight into key aspects of team high performance, the beta versions were tested and re-tested with senior leaders and their teams across multiple industries. Robust feedback on clarity, potency and results led to three years of refinements and continuous upgrading. The tool is now used by major organisations, worldwide, and forms part of leading companies’ team development programmes.

Alyse says, “We see teams’ pleasure and energy when they run the THC again and see they’ve moved forward. We continue to hear feedback from other coaches, facilitators and consultants that the THC has opened unexpected doors, and we’re excited to see it now being used in the US, Australia, Africa, all around the world.”

Alyse Ashton

Alyse Ashton

Alyse is a renowned, accredited coach and facilitator who works with leadership talent across the world. She has over 25 years’ experience in developing and coaching senior individuals and teams to create step changes for themselves and their businesses. Alyse has worked with organisations including BP/Castrol, Moody’s Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank, FMCTI, International Women of Excellence and UK Sport.

Richard Spence

Richard Spence

An Executive coach, facilitator and writer with global corporate and media experience, Richard develops senior leaders, teams and boards internationally. He combines skills from strategic consulting and award-winning creativity to drive fresh thinking with strong, practical outcomes. Richard’s work with organisations includes Barclays, Siemens, Deloitte, Time-Warner, Disney, Expedia and the UK government.

Case Study Moody's Corporation

Moody's Corporation, encompassing Moody’s Investors Services and Moody’s Analytics, is a multi-billion dollar company operating in 35 countries worldwide. It provides credit ratings, research, tools and analysis to global capital markets and currently employs around 10,200 people.

Moody's Corporation

What our customers say


Elisa Krantz

The Team Health Check helped us flush out the dynamics, really focus the session and make it practical - unlike other tools, this feels simple and much more real

Elisa Krantz
Executive and Team Coach Zurich & Malta
Stephen Murphy

Simple to use and comprehensive in covering the core performance elements, it provided useful feedback and enabled us to explore areas of difference within the team. A very helpful diagnostic

Stephen Murphy
Executive Coach, Poland
Tim Haynes

I really like it. Comprehensive in the critical dimensions of team effectiveness, very simple to use and understand. I recently recommended it to one of our leadership teams - they got great value from a dialogue about improving performance based on the results.

Tim Haynes,
Director of Organisational Development, GSK
Peter Gibson

It gave me far more clarity and made me think about things that led to a really valuable discussion. We achieved incredibly helpful outcomes in 2 ½ hours and the questionnaire really helps you to get there.

Peter Gibson,
Andrea Blackman

The Team Health Check identified the issues in a very tangible sense. Our own Business Effectiveness Survey the next year improved a lot, by about 20%. For the senior leadership team, where the bulk of the work was done, it went up more than 30%, which is quite an accomplishment in such a short period of time.

Andrea Blackman,
Managing Director of Product Strategy and Marketing, Moody’s Analytics
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