Your Free, Individual Team Health Check

The free version of the THC gives you a snapshot of your view of the team’s performance.  Your comprehensive report includes your responses to the 49 statements in the questionnaire, your verbatim viewpoints plus ideas for taking action and enhancing team performance.  This enables you to understand your team more objectively and create a clear set of priorities to move forward.


The full team report has greater depth and detail.  It gives you the collated responses of all members of a team including combined questionnaire results, team averages, ranges of scores and verbatim viewpoints. Alongside open discussion with team members, you will form a snapshot of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. From here, you can work out where you need to start to make changes for higher team performance and success.

To register your team for the full team assessment click here. If you have already received an invite code from the site or a team leader please access the team version of the THC here.

Team Health Check 2017