Case Study: Moody’s Corporation


Moody’s Corporation, encompassing Moody’s Investors Services and Moody’s Analytics, is a multi-billion dollar company operating in 35 countries worldwide. It provides credit ratings, research, tools and analysis to global capital markets and currently employs around 10,200 people.


Team Health Check worked closely with Andrea Blackman, Managing Director of Product Strategy and Marketing for Moody’s Analytics in London. She heads a leadership team of six and wider team of 34 people and wanted to delve deeper into the findings of Moody’s own annual Business Effectiveness Survey to achieve greater team effectiveness.


A systematic approach

Andrea described the initial Team Health Check online questionnaire as, “a very systematic way of getting views from all team members. It’s well structured, quick and easy. I didn’t hear a lot of, ‘Oh, I wasn’t sure how to interpret that question,’ which you get with a lot of online surveys.”

Using the findings and working closely with Team Health Check’s Alyse Ashton, Andrea and her team were able to achieve a clear understanding of their key issues. She explained, “In our team, there were particular challenges with effective communication. So we needed to start with that in order to move toward constructive resolution of some of our team effectiveness challenges.”

A positive focus

She added, “I think the data is really important. It gives everybody an anonymous perspective on what everybody else is saying. We could review it as a group and immediately see where the strengths and weaknesses lay, then start talking very unemotionally, without projecting individual agendas.”

By adopting a constructive, positive approach, the Team Health Check allowed the team to focus on effective ways to move forward. Andrea explained, “It meant we could say, ‘Okay, this issue comes out as a strength. Why? What do we think we should be doing more of; or are we doing enough?’ A lot of the weaknesses were actually a reflection of how we communicated with each other, so people were getting caught up that dynamic rather than addressing the business issues at hand.”

Identifying the right starting point

She continued, “The Team Health Check identified skills we needed to build, around communication, and allowed us to come to a common understanding of what that meant. We’ve now worked on that with Alyse and really have moved on. We can suggest how we might address effectiveness issues and we’re getting better at understanding people’s trigger points, how they react, and trying to coach them accordingly.”


What has the Team Health Check achieved?

Following the Team Health Check, Andrea observed, “The results of our own Business Effectiveness Survey the next year improved a lot, by about 20%. For the senior leadership team, where the bulk of the work was done, it went up more than 30%, which is quite an accomplishment in such a short period of time.”

Andrea can clearly see the value and added, “The business has been hugely successful; it’s growing really well and everybody’s handling a challenging portfolio of work – and doing it in a way that gives more work satisfaction. They’re happier and more content working in the team.”


For Andrea’s team, Team Health Check has helped to prompt positive changes in a relatively short time. She concluded, “Being able to identify those areas where adjustments can be made, and making those changes, has had a constructive impact. It’s very worthwhile, because you don’t waste your time on red herrings, which means you save more time and focus on what really matters .”

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